Schedule 2021

Now booking for 2021 and beyond…..

March 13, 9am Kboo, 90.7 radio, Portland

July 4th, Hoffman Farms, 11am-2pm,

August 14th, Hoffman Farms, 11am-2pm,

August 28th, Lake Oswego Farmers Market, 10:30-12:30

September 5th, Hoffman Farms, 11am-2pm,

September 11th, Oregon City Farmers Market, 9:30-1:00

October 2nd, Lake Oswego Farmers Market, 10:30-12:30

October 10th, Plumper Pumpkin Patch, 1pm-4pm,

October 16th, Hoffman Farms, 11am-2pm,

Back in 2020 (most stuff got canceled):

October 3rd, Hoffman farms

October 24th, Hoffman farms

November 7th, Fidos’s tap house

Cancelled, March 21st, the Butteville Store

Cancelled, the Blue Room

Cancelled, the Ranger Station

Cancelled, June 20th, Oregon City Farmers Market

Cancelled, July 11th, the Butteville Store

Cancelled, August 22nd, Oregon City Farmers Market

Cancelled – August 22nd, April Hill, movies in the park

Cancelled, September 5th, the Beaverton Farmers Market

October Cancelled 3rd,Plumper Pumpkin Patch


March 16th, the Butteville Store.
June 8th, the Beaverton Farmers Market.
June 29th, Oregon City Farmers Market.
July 6th, Oaks Park.
July 13th, the Butteville Store.
August 10th, Oregon City Farmers Market.
August 24th, April Hill Park (opening for movies in the park). October 5th, Lake Oswego Farmers Market.
October 12th, Plumper Pumpkin Patch.
October 19th, Hillsboro Downtown Farmers Market


June 30 – Oaks Park
July 14th – the Butteville Store
July 15th – Movies in the Park, April Hill Park
July 21st – Lake Oswego Farmers Market
August 4th – Oregon City Farmers Market
September 8th – Beaverton Farmers Market
October 7th – the Plumper Pumpkin Patch

January 21st – Blast Burger
February 4th – Blast Burger
March 11th – the Rogue Pub
March 18th – Blast Burger
Oregon City Farmers Market
April 9th – Portland Saturday Market
April 15th – The Rogue Pub
Oregon City Farmers Market
July 8th – Oaks Park
July 15th – Beaverton Farmers Market
Sept 2nd – Beaverton Farmers Market
October 8th – Plumper Pumpkin Patch
October 14th – PSU Farmer Market

January 23rd – Oregon City Farmers Market
January 23rd – the Rogue Pub
February 20th – the Rogue Pub
March 5th – Blast Burger
March 12th – Rogue Pub
April 2nd – Blast Burger
April 9th – Rogue Pub
April 10th – Mississippi Pizza
May 21st – Rogue Pub
June 5th – Orenco Farmers Market
July 2nd – Beaverton Farmers Market
July 9th – Mississippi Pizza/Mississippi Street Fair
July 16th – Blast Burger
July 23rd – PSU Farmers Market
August 14th – Music in the Park
August 27th – Blast Burger
September 10th – Oaks Park
September 17th – Beaverton Farmers Market
September 30th – the Rogue Pub
October 8th – Blast Burger
October 15th – Plumper Pumpkin Patch
October 29th – Oregon City Farmers Market
November 26th – Blast Burger
December 3rd – Blast Burger
December 31st – Blast Burger

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